What is the difference between web development & web design?

What is the difference between web development & web design

What is the difference between web development & web design? As a developer, I can say that there are many overlaps and integration needed between web design and web development. once you rush into a mixture of content creation and usefulness testing, you’re confronted with a true mess. generally , the difference between web design and web development is:

  • Web design usually involves creating content and appearance;
  • Web development involves creating functionality and testing its usability.

What is Web designing?

Web designers should have experience with graphic web design tools, like Photoshop or InDesign. Most also got to know HTML for a far better understanding of the work and therefore the ability to implement their own websites and projects. However, the utilization of animation on the location and therefore the layout of the content also are a part of the responsibility of the online designer.

Web development involves the creation of the web site functionality and its integration into the HTML pages. Web developers also do usability testing on the location , a minimum of for the functionality they create. Therefore, the developer must even have knowledge of HTML.

Here may be a good FAQ post with the answers to the foremost popular questions on web developers and web designers. it’ll help set things straight.

In essence, any website contains several different aspects. The creation of those aspects are often conditionally divided between web designers and web developers.

  • Appearance – first of all graphics, colour scheme , navigation elements, etc.

Appearance is how your website seems like . A graphic designer decides which colors and fonts to use and the way each page are going to be placed. The graphic designer should even have a way of aesthetics, understand how colors are combined, and the way the pictures are going to be projected by the image that the location owner wants to point out the visitors. This aspect refers to web design.

  • Content – information, products that are available on the web site .

Content is all text, photos, media files that will be found on the web site. Content includes everything from privacy policy to very convincing statements about the advantages of products on this site. The text is the basis of the content. you’ll need a copywriter and editor to make good content.

  • Functionality – the functionality includes interactive features that the web site provides visitors and therefore the necessary infrastructure to make sure them.

The functionality includes all interactive aspects of the web site , also as animation. a standard denominator is that programmers using different web programming languages work either on an internet server or during a browser , creating of these functions.

Flash is employed to make animations. Perl, PHP, and Java are programming languages used on the webserver to make complex dynamic sites . These pages can work independently, but most frequently with a database to make all the functions that we wont to expect from an internet site .

JavaScript is employed within the browser to make many interesting effects, like replacing a picture once you hover your mouse over a picture , a tape ticker, links to vary colors, and so on. JavaScript runs within the user’s browser , not on the webserver.

There are other backend applications that are invisible to visitors, like form processing, content management, and other programs that allow non-programmers to take care of certain aspects of website data.

All these programs must be integrated into the HTML code which will be used on the online page and here comes web development

  • Usability – a site from the visitor’s point of view, which incorporates such things as an interaction of elements, simple navigation and usefulness of the resource.

Usability is how an internet site looks and functions from the user’s point of view. It mainly involves testing things, for example:

  • Does the design convey the right image of the website?
  • Is navigation easy and intuitive to use?
  • Does navigation lead a visitor to where they have to be?
  • Is the website loading fast?
  • Do applications work properly?

These issues require a posh approach and joint efforts of designers and developers.

What is Website Design?

How can I become a professional in web designing?

Web designing involves transforming a thought or a story, into a visually alluring design. This design layout is then used for building the user experience for the web site . Web design involves creating and designing the website’s look and feel. almost like an architect who designs and draws an idea of the house before building it, an internet designer also designs a model layout of the web site before an internet developer starts coding and developing it.

Web designing isn’t simple, it’s very difficult to integrate the varied aspects of the web site and make a welcoming, user-friendly environment. Web design involves writing an idea to develop a interface design. The role of an internet designer is as important because the developer, as, without an appealing interface and wonderful user experience, the event can’t be well experienced and appreciated by the end-user.

A perfect website can’t be created immediately after reading or understanding the specifications defined. Web designers got to first understand the scope, the aim of the web site . they’re going to then roughly visualize the planning s and draft or sketch the design. From draft sketching, they move to wireframes, mock-ups, then arriving at the ultimate design. a number of the areas covered under web design are:

  • Graphic designing
  • Logo designing
  • Web layout designing
  • Placement of call-to-action buttons on the web site
  • Branding
  • Working on Wireframes, mock-ups, and storyboards
  • Deciding the colour palettes
  • Typography

Web design designs the face of the web site , it designs and works on what the user will see on their display screen or mobile device. With a balanced use of colors , images, typography, layouts etc. web design helps in bringing a digital experience to life.

What is Web Development?

If web designers are liable for designing what the users get to ascertain on their screen, then web developers are those who are responsible in turning these designs into a live fully functional website. Web development involves using various web languages and software tools for developing and building an internet site .

There are 2 sorts of web development, front-end and rear . Front-end developers are the bridge between the online designers and back-end developers They work on three main development languages; Hypertext terminology (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS). These languages help in developing a full-fledged website, right from designing the most layout, to inserting images and videos, using differing types of typography and fonts, form interfaces, and more.

Back-end development involves controlling the info and requests from the server. If an internet site contains dynamic data, it’ll require full-fledged back-end services. for instance , websites which require users to submit their personal data for creating an account, got to save this data and make it accessible for a later stage. Hence the web site also requires a database connection. These database connections are often directly connected to the server itself. Back-end development involves using server languages like PHP or ASP.NET | Open-source web framework for .NET. It also involves writing database queries by using languages like SQL or MySQL.

What is the difference between web development & web design
What is the difference between web development & web design

Now that we’ve a clearer understanding of the difference between web design and web development, we all know that both play a crucial role in web building which one cannot exist without the opposite . To sum up, the online designers got to understand the planning principles and creatively come up with unique layouts and web developers got to focus more on logic-based thinking and understand coding and the way the technology works.

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